TOTK Gleeok Guts Not Dropping Solution

Gleeok Guts are a kind of material in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Like its name implies, the only way you can get it is by – defeating Gleeoks. Since these are some of the toughest enemies in the game, this is easier said than done. But even when you manage to defeat a Gleeok, you could find that its guts have not dropped. And, considering that this is a very useful material – since it is used both in the Gelok Guts side quest, as well as in upgrading a certain armor set – this is a pretty big problem. So what is the solution for Gleeok Guts not dropping in Zelda TotK? We have the answer right here.

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TOTK Gleeok Guts Not Dropping Solution
TOTK Gleeok Guts Not Dropping Solution

How to Get Gleeok Guts in Tears of the Kingdom

Like already mentioned, as of right now, the only way you can get this material is from defeated Gleeoks. If you are having a difficult time figuring out how to defeat these, we have written a guide that explains the best ways to beat Gleeoks. Once you have gotten Gleeok Guts, you can use it do complete the “Gleeok Guts” side quest, and also to upgrade the Royal Guard armor set.

TOTK Gleeok Guts Not Dropping Issue Solution

So, what to do if the Gleeok Guts are not dropping for you? Well, the thing about this is that the chances of getting it whenever you down a Gleeok are completely random. As such, there’s really nothing more you can do except to keep on finding and killing Gleeoks until you get lucky enough and a Gleeok drops it. However, King Gleeoks have a higher chance of dropping this than regular Gleeoks do – though it still isn’t a guaranteed drop. Still, if you want to maximize your odds of getting it, go after King Gleeoks instead.

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