TOTK Force Blood Moon

In our TOTK Force Blood Moon guide, we are going to explain how to summon the Blood Moon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Yes, there is a way to trigger the Blood Moon in TOTK and make it happen ahead of schedule, but it does take some doing. It involves messing with the game until you overload the Switch’s memory. Don’t worry, you won’t break anything. Let’s get into it.

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totk force blood moon
TOTK Force Blood Moon

How to Summon & Force Blood Moon in Tears of the Kingdom

The only way to summon the Blood Moon through force in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom is to overload the Switch’s memory. Before we get into the details of that, though, here’s how the Blood Moon works by default. It happens every seven in-game days you spend in the game, which translates to about two hours and forty-eight minutes in real time. You can’t make it happen faster by resting at a fire for a couple of in-game days; it seems that it’s actually tied to the console’s clock. Moreover, I don’t think that you can trick the game by moving the clock manually. No, you have to get the Switch to low memory, and here’s how to do that.

To force summon the Blood Moon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK, you can head into the Tanagar Canyon West Cave. The entrance is at these coordinates: -3285, 0789, -0104. Go down the cave until you find the large wall of dark, blueish stone. Climb onto one of the walls on the side, just far enough that you can glide off and enter the “bullet time” when you draw your bow in the air. Shoot about four opal arrows into the wall in quick succession. The game will lag like crazy; don’t worry, it’s supposed to happen. When you land, the Blood Moon should trigger. If you need visual assistance, check out this video by BeardBear who figured the system out.

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    Why do people share the coordinates for this game? THEY ARE USELESS. You can’t check the coordinates of any spot on the map, you can only see the coordinates of where you are at the moment. Figuring out coordinates is just a frustrating fit of trial and error at best. Just tell people the nearest shrine, light root, tower or teleportable place along with some cardinal directions.

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