Diablo 4 Grandfather Sword

A Chinese Diablo 4 player has managed to get the Grandfather Sword, one of the most rare and difficult-to-get items in the game.It is one of the Unique Items, which only drop from 85+ enemies, and only if you’re incredibly lucky. Needless to say, the sword’s stat are incredible. A Barbarian (especially a Whirlwind) would probably benefit the most from the Grandfather Sword, but any character can profit from having a blade this powerful.

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diablo 4 grandfather sword
Diablo 4 Grandfather Sword

Diablo 4 Grandfather Sword Discovered by Player

Believe it or not, the Grandfather Sword is so rare in Diablo 4 that the person from China is the only one that has it. As far as we know, anyway. And the only reason we know of it is that Reddit user Icy-Heat7531 took a screenshot of it. Another user, _0neTwo_, used Google Lens to translate the Chinese text, and boy is the Grandfather Sword something. First off, it seems like it requires your character to be level 100 to even use it properly. It deals 2,740 DPS, with anywhere between 2,192 and 3,288 damage per hit and 52.5% Critical Damage. It also increases all your stats, your damage percent, maximum life, and it ignores durability loss.

Obviously, if you ever get the Diablo 4 Grandfather Sword of your own, you might get different stats. It all depends on the roll. But it’s not like you’re gonna try and reroll something that is so obscenely rare. Reminder, the least rare Unique is Harlequin Crest, which two people got. The Doombringer and Andariel’s Visage have dropped for one player each, and now somebody finally got the Grandfather Sword. To our knowledge, nobody has gotten the Ring of the Starless Skies nor the Melted Heart of Selig so far. As for the Grandfather Sword, it seems to have dropped from a Helltide cache, so good luck with that. You’re in for a rough grind.

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