Diablo 4 Cannibals Hold Cellar Location

The Cannibals’ Hold cellar is a very interesting location in Diablo 4. As you know, Cellars are a gameplay feature in D4 where you need to clear out as many monsters as you can in a short amount of time. They are optional challenges that can be very rewarding and you can see their location on the map thanks to a cellar door icon. The reason why Cannibals’ Hold is currently so popular is because of a certain glitch. We’re going to go into more details about it, including the exact Diablo 4 Cannibals Hold Cellar Location down below, so keep on reading to learn where it is and what you can get from it.

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Diablo 4 Cannibals Hold Cellar Location
Diablo 4 Cannibals Hold Cellar Location

Where to find the Cannibals Hold cellar in Diablo 4

Look for the Cannibals’ Hold Cellar in the Dry Steppes region in D4. Specifically, in the Untamed Scarps area, which is very close to the Jirandai Waypoint. We have marked its spot in our screenshots which you can see in the gallery. It is a very simple Cellar, where all that you need to do there is to go in and take out all the murderous Cannibals inside of it. So why is this spot in such a high demand for many D4 players lately? Well, because it is bugged. An explanation is in order.

Basically, as of right now, there is a glitch here that apparently causes an infinite amount of mobs to appear. Because of this, the Cannibals Hold Cellar is the perfect location to farm XP, gold, and items. Of course, considering that Blizzard are surely aware of this glitch, it will almost certainly be fixed very soon, as it is easy to exploit it. So our recommendation is to make the most of the Cannibals’ Hold Cellar while you still can.

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