Diablo 4 Pause Game Explained

Is it possible to pause the game in Diablo 4? The latest iteration of the iconic action RPG series is a raging success, lauded by both the player base and the critics. And while many players agree it’s great that DIV is different than D3, there’s one thing seemingly missing. Read on as we explore how to pause in Diablo IV.

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Diablo 4 Pause Game Explained
Diablo IV Pause Game

Can You Pause in Diablo 4?

Let’s not beat around the bush here and cut to the chase. As you probably know, at the moment, there are no conventional, or let’s say, traditional ways to pause the game in Diablo IV. You can not simply push the Escape button and stop the game like on most other games. That’s because Diablo 4 is not a single-player game, even if you play solo. Rather, it is what some describe as an MMO-lite game. Open-world areas of Sanctuary represent a shared world where you can see other players running around and doing stuff.

There are also global events, world bosses and other online multiplayer aspects. Hence, unfortunately, the traditional game pause is not an option. However, for all your gamer dads and mums out there, there are some ways to leave the game safely. For all intents and purposes, we call these alternative ways to pause the game in Diablo 4.

The easiest way to safely leave the game running without fear of dying is to teleport back to the town. Nothing can happen to you there. Thus, it’s essentially almost as if you’ve paused the game. However, if you’re idle for too long, the game will disconnect you. Nevertheless, there’s a solution even for that. As reported by many players, if you sit on a chair inside a town, you will not get disconnected. For now, this is the only workaround. Hopefully, Blizzard will eventually implement a pause option in some capacity.

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