Review Policy

We believe that writing reviews is one of the most responsible tasks a gaming journalist can receive. Video games are there to provide us with enjoyment through fun, unique experiences or emotional journeys. All those things are subjective and unique to every one of us. On one hand we have a reviewer with their own unique ideas of what fun is, but with vast experience in playing video games. On the other we have thousands of readers with their own ideas of what enjoyment is. We will try to bridge the gap between the two with a couple of review guidelines and rules, so everyone understands where we’re coming from.
Ultimately, reviews may influence their reader to spend their hard-earned money or not, and we consider that to be a huge responsibility.

Review score groups

Most games can be divided into three groups:
  • games most people should experience
  • games that certain groups of people will enjoy very much, but not all
  • games that most people shouldn’t spend their time or money on.

We use numeric scores to help us put games into one of those three groups, but with certain degree of granularity. Some games are very well done, but due to some design choices will certainly have a big enough percentage of people that hate playing it. We need a system that will put that point across and we believe the good old fashioned 1-10 score is good enough for that. Here’s an explanation of what you can expect from the score alone.

Games most people should experience (8-10)

Games that get scores between 8 and 10 are those that most people that bought them will enjoy. Most people will be inclined to finish the game because the video game provides a satisfactory storyline or its gameplay loop is so much fun that you intend to spend tens if not hundreds of hours playing it. The highest score will be for those games we think a vast majority of people that play it will find great enjoyment in it and most people will spend so much time with it that they will get their money’s worth of fun.

Games for some gamers (5-7)

Video games with obvious flaws that will deter larger groups of gamers from enjoying them. Games that fans of a certain genre or game developer will love, but that others will not understand what all the hype is about. Games that are well executed, but are just plain boring or un-exciting.

Games most, or all people should avoid (1-4)

Games that most people will drop after a few hours of playing. Simply, games that failed horribly at some aspect and that only a select few of hardcore fans and supporters might find enjoyment in.

Games will be scored based on the state they are in when people first start purchasing them. Games get updates that can make them better. This does not change the fact that people that spent the money before the update got a different experience. Taking into consideration all the factors we‘ll try and fairly update the reviews where we deem it justified.

Our reviewers will try to give you their own take on the game, but their task in the end will be to determine how many people will get enjoyment out of it if they purchase it. Hopefully, the combination of the personal angle and keeping track of the bigger picture will provide you with a valuable opinion.