Zelda TOTK Ancient Columns Cave Puzzle Solution

During your Zelda Tears of the Kingdom adventures, you may stumble upon a very interesting location called the Ancient Columns. When you get here, you will need to fight and beat a powerful Flame Gleeok. But is there more to this location than meets the eye? The answer is – yes. In fact, there is hidden cave here with some very nice loot in it. But to open the way inside, you will first need to solve a puzzle. In this guide, we are going to present you with the solution for the Zelda TOTK Ancient Columns Cave Puzzle.

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Zelda TOTK Ancient Columns Cave Puzzle Solution

Tears of the Kingdom Ancient Columns Cave Puzzle Solution

You can find the Ancient Columns location at a point between Tanagar Canyon to the southeast, Piper Ridge to the north, and Rayne Highlands to the northwest. More specifically, at coordinates -3507, 0415, 0283. As already mentioned, get ready for a big fight against a tough Flame Gleeok when you arrive there. Don’t forget to stock up on some flame-resistant gear (such as the Flamebreaker armor set) and elixirs in order to withstand its flames. If you are having trouble beating it, we recommend that you read through our How to Beat Gleeok guide for strategy tips on how to take it down.

Once you have done that, the next thing you need to do is to climb up a pillar. This pillar in question is the one at -3485, 0421, 0292. When you climb on top of it, you will see that there is a large “button” there. When you step on it, this will cause a nearby floor mechanism to open, revealing the way inside the Ancient Columns Cave. In the cave itself, you are going to find a chest with the Tunic of Awakening armor there. In fact, this location is part of a bigger quest called Misko’s Treasure of Awakening.

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