Zelda TOTK Mattison Gerudo Town Location

Not sure where to find Mattison in Gerudo Town after you complete Mattison’s side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Mattison’s departure from her family in Tarrey Town is one of the most touching moments in TOTK. During the “A Monstrous Collection” side quest, Hudson will ask for a photo of Mattison in Gerudo Town. However, where is she? Read on to find out.

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Zelda TOTK Mattison Gerudo Town Location
Zelda TOTK Mattison Gerudo Town Location

Where is Mattison in Gerudo Town Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

One of the main missions in Tarrey Town revolves around Hudson and his daughter Mattison. Like every other Gerudo woman, Mattison is at an age where she needs to return to Gerudo Town and spend years there, secluded from boys until she becomes a grown-up woman. This is difficult for her father, but he still fully supports her. When you finally complete Mattison’s Independence storyline, before she departs, there will be a gorgeous cutscene with Link and the whole family in a balloon. Later on, during the “A Monstrous Collection” side quest, Hudson will ask for a photo of Mattison in Gerudo Town. He wants to see her and learn if she’s doing ok.

However, many players are having issues finding her in the town. The easiest place to find Mattison is in front of the inn at night. She will sleep with the other children on the carpet below the canopy. Check out our map and images below for the exact location. Mattison will always be there starting from around 7 pm in-game time. However, this is only the case if you’ve completed the Lightning Temple dungeon and the Riju questline. We can not confirm if she will be there before doing this. Some players report seeing her “running around with another little girl during the day in the shelter downstairs in Gerudo Town”. Hence, you might try looking there during the daytime. Regardless, the best place you’re guaranteed to find her is the one we’ve mentioned, but only if you’ve previously completed the Gerudo questline.

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