TOTK Keys Born of Water Shrine Quest

There are many Shrines for players to find in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. And while many of them are out in the open, there are also those that are hidden out of the way. The Jochisiu Shrine falls squarely in this second category. You will first learn about the existance of this shrine from a Steward Construct in Hyrule Field at coordinates 0944, -1906, 0017. When you speak to this character, they will mention a cryptic message: “Give keys born of water to the three altars. The sacred shrine will appear.” So what do need to do in order to complete the Keys Born of Water Shrine Quest in Zelda TotK? That’s what we’re here to explain.

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TOTK Keys Born of Water Shrine Quest
TOTK Keys Born of Water Shrine Quest

How to Complete Keys Born of Water in Tears of the Kingdom

Even though the wording of this quest is pretty hard to figure out, the solution is actually pretty straightforward. Right next to the Steward Construct, there are several Frost and Fire Emitters. Take a Frost Emitter and then Fuse it to your shield. Next, use Ultrahand to pick up a Flame Emitter and place it in front of the campfire and then hit it to ignite it and light the campfire.

Once you have done this, go to the nearby body of water. Take out your shield with the Frost Emitter and use it to create a block of ice. Pick it up with Ultrahand and take it back to the Steward Construct. There, you’re going to see that there are three square-shaped holes behind the construct. What you need to do is to put a block of ice into each one of these. Since they are different sizes, you may need to melt the ice block over the fire to resize them before they can fit in the hole. If you melt it too much, you’ll have to go back to make another block of ice until you get it right. Once all three holes are filled with ice blocks, the way to the Jochisiu Shrine will open up, completing the “Keys Born of Water Shrine” Quest.

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