TOTK Legend of the Soaring Spear Shrine Quest

The Legend of the Soaring Spear is a Shrine Quest in Zelda TotK. It requires that you figure out how to unlock Utojis Shrine in East Necluda. The solution here obviously has something to do with spears, but it is actually a bit more complicated than that. Still, the trick is actually quite simple, and we are going to show you what you need to do in order to unlock and get into the Utojis Shrine right here in our guide.

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TOTK Legend of the Soaring Spear Shrine Quest
TOTK Legend of the Soaring Spear Shrine Quest

How to Complete Legend of the Soaring Spear in Tears of the Kingdom

To start with, you need to make your way to the Tobio’s Hollow Cave. Its entrance can be found at 1165, -2436, 0172. Once you are inside, you are going to encounter several Keese Bats that are going to start attacking you. Now, this is important – if you don’t have any Keese Wings in your inventory, kill these until they drop at least one and then pick it up. Keep moving deeper into the cave until you reach a clearing there.

In this clearing, you are going to see several important things. If you read the book on the crate there, you are going to start the “Legend of the Soaring Spear” Shrine Quest itself. However, this isn’t necessary, it’s more to give you a hint on what you need to do here. You will also see that there are several Zonaite Spears here. Again, if you already have a spear in your inventory, you aren’t required to pick one of these up. With a spear in hand, go to the nearby platform and stand on it. Doing this will activate a portal in the distance. What you need to is to fuse a Keese Wing onto your spear. Once you have done that, throw the spear through this portal. It’s best if you aim slightly above the portal, since this way the spear’s throw arc will land directly through it. When you have accomplished this, the Utojis Shrine is going to open and you can go inside.

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