Zelda TOTK How to Beat Gleeok (Thunder, Flame and Frost)

Not sure how to beat Gleeok in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Looking for strategies on how to fight Thunder Gleeok, Flame Gleeok and the Frost Gleeok in TOTK? These three-headed dragons pose some of the toughest mini-boss fights in Zelda TOTK. They have a ludicrous amount of health, deal an insane amount of damage, and are very hard to hit. However, beating them is quite rewarding as they drop elemental Horns. Read on to learn how to defeat Gleeok in Zelda TOTK.

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Zelda TOTK How to Beat Gleeok (Thunder, Flame and Frost)
Zelda TOTK How to Defeat Thunder Gleeok, Flame Gleeok, and Frost Gleeok

How to Beat Gleeok in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

One of the many things TOTK improves upon BOTW is the enemy variety. There are many new and exciting enemies and bosses to fight against. And let me tell you, they are even harder than those in BOTW. Monster Hands stand out among them. However, the community agrees that Gleeoks “makes the hands look easy to fight”. These three-headed elemental dragons have an insane amount of health, a variety of high-damage attacks that are tricky to doge, and are unapproachable for melee damage. They come in three elemental variants – Thunder Gleeok, Flame Gleeok, and Frost Gleeok. And while each has its specific attacks, the strategy to beat them is generally the same.

Make sure to come well-prepared. This means having high-level gear and armour. Especially sets that grant you Shock, Cold and Fire Resistance, depending on which type of Gleeok you are dealing with. The Snowquill set is ideal against Frost Gleeok, the Flamebreaker armour will protect you against Flame Gleeok, and the Rubber gear will make things much easier against Thunder Gleeok. In addition, make sure to have enough fusible materials that will provide you with high attack bonuses.

Defeating Gleeok in TOTK

So, how to beat Gleeok in Zelda TOTK? During the first phase of the fight, each Gleeok head will fire elemental lasers/beams, which will almost instantly melt your health. Hence, it is essential to avoid being hit by them. They are relatively slow and telegraphed. Thus, it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid them. Given that each Gleeok type fire periodic gusts of wind that push you back, melee combat will almost certainly not work. What you need to do is to use your bow and arrows and aim for the heads.

When you deplete heads of their health, they will be stunned and fall. And that’s when you approach and start beating the head with your melee weapon for maximum damage. It should be noted that each Gleeok is vulnerable to a specific damage type. Attack Frost Gleeok with Fire and Flame Gleeok with Frost damage. The best way to do this is by fusing specific materials into your arrows and weapons.

In the second phase, Gleeok will start shooting lightning/fire/ice balls from above. These are relatively slow and avoidable. However, they do leave an AoE zone which you need to avoid, or you will take damage from it. In between these balls, you will need to continue landing damage to the heads with your arrows and repeat the process of damaging them once they are stunned and on the ground.

Finally, phase three is the hardest one, as you might have guessed. Each Gleeok type will launch itself incredibly high into the air. Then, they will use their ultimate attacks on you. Flame Gleeok will drop massive fireballs on you, Thunder Gleeok will cast huge lightning AoE attack, and Forst Gleeok will rain massive icicles. First you need to avoid these. Thunder will leave air vents which you can use to approach it, and start blasting their heads with arrows up close. You can climb on massive icicles and cast recall on them to approach the Forst Gleeok. Ultimately, you will need to knock those heads one more time, and then do the last massive damage with your melee while they are down to defeat them.

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