TOTK Riverside Stable Well Chest

If you have jumped down the Riverside Stable Well, you will have noticed that there is a particularly interesting thing there. Namely, a chest that is sticking out of the wall. The chest looks like it is petrified, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to reach it since it is so high up. But, this being Zelda Tears of the kingdom, of course there is a way to do this. Here’s how you can get to the and then loot the Riverside Stable Well Chest in Zelda TotK.

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TOTK Riverside Stable Well Chest
TOTK Riverside Stable Well Chest

How to Get Riverside Stable Well Chest in Tears of the Kingdom

The first thing that you need to do is – naturally – to head to the Riverside Stable. Once you have done that, hop into the Riverside Stable Well there at coordinates 0364, -1125, 0011 and glide to the bottom. Once you have landed, you will immediately see that there is a strange protrusion on the wall there, close to the ceiling. When you get close to it, you will realize that this is a chest that’s somehow been stuck in the wall. So how can you get it down?

Well, while there are almost certainly many different ways you can accomplish this, the easiest method by far is to create a platform from which you can reach it. Luckily, you have all of the materials necessary to do this scattered across the cave. Use Ultrahand to gather up the planks on the floor and then use the Fuse ability until you have a plank that’s long enough so that you can place it so that it reaches the chest. Climb it and then once again use Ultrahand to get it down. All that’s left now is to loot it. Inside the Riverside Stable Well Chest, you’re going to find a Throwing Spear.

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  1. Q
    Quashing Tub

    So I was able to reach the chest easily, but it just would not come out when I used Ultrahand on it. At least it’s just a throwing spear and nothing important.

    1. K

      I had the same problem trying to just pull it out too. I ended up popping it out by maneuvering it with R.

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