Zelda TOTK Misko's Treasure The Fierce Deity Sword

Not sure how to complete Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Misko’s Treasure The Fierce Deity side quest? We’ve got you covered! When you eventually complete it, you will be rewarded with the Zelda TOTK Fierce Deity Sword. What are the three keys? What are Akkala’s Red-Crowned Citadel and the Skull’s Left Eye? Read on as we explain how to “Don the form of the Fierce Deity”.

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Zelda TOTK Misko's Treasure The Fierce Deity Sword
Zelda TOTK Fierce Deity Sword Location

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Misko’s Treasure The Fierce Deity Sword

Once you complete the “Misko’s Cave of Chests” side quest, brothers Domidak and Prissen will immediately share another Misko’s scroll with you. This one speaks about the Fierce Deity Sword. Here’s the whole bottled letter:

To you who have found my treasure, these ember trousers are but one piece of my grand collection. I have hidden an assortment of equipment across Hyrule. Notable pieces obtained in strange lands near and far. You’ve done well to find this one, and I will reward you with a hint to another – the Fierce Deity Sword. Don the form of the Fierce Deity, and return to this place. There are three keys you will need.” Finally, he explain where you can find each of these three keys:

  • One beneath the bedchamber of Akkala’s red-crowned citadel.
  • One in the skull’s left eye.
  • One in an old stump in Hyrule Field.

However, these three keys are actually the three pieces of the Fierce Deity set. Namely, you will need to return to the cave of chest wearing the Fierce Deity Armor, the Fierce Deity Mask, and the Fierce Deity Boots. The Armor is in the Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave. The Mask can be found in the Skull Lake Cave. Finally, the boots are inside the Ancient Tree Stump. For the exact details on where to find all three of these, check out our dedicated “Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Fierce Deity Armor Set Locations” guide. Once you have them all, equip them and return to the cave. A secret door will open, and inside, you will find a chest with the Fierce Deity Sword inside.

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