TOTK Best Attack Up Recipes

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom provides many options and tools you can use to overcome practically any problem or obstacle that you encounter. Whenever you come across a situation that you are not equipped to handle yet, you can bet that there is an alternative way to tackle it. Many of these involve cooking. For example, if you have found yourselves lacking in offensive capabilities against a particularly dangerous foe, you could increase your attack power with a dish that provides the Attack Up buff. So here are the best Attack Up recipes in Zelda TotK.

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TOTK Best Attack Up Recipes
TOTK Best Attack Up Recipes

Best Attack Up Recipes in Tears of the Kingdom

Luckily, there are many Attack Up recipes that you can make in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Asa a general rule, whenever you come across an ingredient that has “Mighty” in its name, it can be used to make a dish that increases Link’s attack power. With that said, let’s see the list of best Attack Up recipes and their ingredients:

  • Mighty Mushroom Risotto: x1 Goat Butter, x1 Rock Salt, x1 Hylian Rice, and x1-2 Razorshrooms.
  • Mighty Fried Wild Greens: x1-5 Mighty Thistles.
  • Mighty Tomato Mushroom Stew: x1 Hylian Tomato, x1 Meat, and x2 Razorshrooms.
  • Mighty Fried Bananas: x1 Tabantha Wheat, x1 Cane Sugar, and x1-3 Mighty Bananas.
  • Mighty Crab Stir-Fry: x1 Goron Spice and x1-4 Razorclaw Crabs.
  • Mighty Mushroom Rice Balls: x1 Hylian Rice and x1-4 Razorshrooms.
  • Mighty Steamed Mushrooms: x1 Mighty Thisle and x1-4 Razorshrooms.
  • Mighty Fragrant Mushroom Saute: x1 Goron Spice and x1-4 Razorshrooms.
  • Mighty Simmered Fruit: x1-5 Mighty Bananas.
  • Mighty Elixir: x1 Bladed Rhino Beetle and x1 Monster Part.

These are all the Attack Up recipes that we have managed to find in Zelda TotK so far. Of course, there could very well be more of them in the game, so if you have any other Attack Up dishes that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to share that recipe with us in the comments.

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