Peyote Plants GTA Online 2023

GTA Peyote Plants are back with the latest GTA Online update on April 6th, 2023. Usually these limited-time hallucinogenic plants let you transform into different animals, but this time all peyote plants will turn players into rabbits in honor of Easter. They are well hidden on land or in the ocean. Our detailed guide will give you all information and map locations where to find these cacti.

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GTA Online Peyote Plant Locations 2023
GTA Online Peyote Plant Locations 2023

Peyote Plants GTA Online 2023

It’s Easter in GTA Online and the update brought 76 peyote cactus plants located throughout the map of Los Santos and the backwoods of Blaine County. As you already know, consuming wild peyote lets you play as a random animal, such as a boar, border collie, cat, chicken-hawk, cormorant, coyote, cow, crow, elk, hen, husky, mountain lion, pig, pigeon, poodle, pug, rabbit, retriever, rottweiler, seagull, west highland terrier, dolphin, fish, hammerhead shark, killer whale, stingray and tiger shark. The cactus will respawn after 24 in-game hours.

We guess that you are already familiar with GTA Peyote plants, and what chaos they can cause on wild streets of San Andreas. The great thing is that other players can also see you in the animal form. On the map below, we’ve marked 76 peyote locations in GTA Online. Some of the cacti in GTA Online are very well-hidden; thus, we’ve decided to give you additional information on how to find them more easily. If you want to end any hallucination, press and hold E (on PC), or just die. Your reward is 5000 RP, and no penalty for dying and no police chase if you kill people.

76 PEYOTE locations GTA ONLINE
Peyote plant locations in GTA Online 2022 – Cactus Animals

1. Bigfoot Peyote cactus location – Grapeseed

The first peyote you can find is on a small hill above Grapeseed, at the base of Mount Chiliad. This one is special, because, if you eat the plant between 3AM – 8AM when the weather is foggy, it will transform you into a Bigfoot (Sasquatch). This creature is very powerful and punches trucks like toys. Check out our detailed guide on how to get Bigfoot peyote in GTA Online.

2. Grapeseed Peyote location

The second cactus we also found in Grapeseed. It’s hidden on the northeast coast of Alamo Sea, on a small peninsula. You will see a blue rusty broken car nearby.

3. Sandy Shores

The third plant is in Sandy Shores near the southeast coast of Alamo Sea. In the front yard of Polly and Brandon Patterson’s house, you’ll spot the hidden peyote in a small pot between two large decorative stones. We had a problem with this plant because it didn’t spawn when we approach the rocks. If you have the same problem, just walk away, visit the neighbors, and when you come back, the peyote will be waiting for you.

4. Alamo Sea

In the middle of the Alamo Sea look for huge green-yellow-gray stones. You will have to dive to the very bottom. It’s difficult to describe the location exactly, because there’s no useful landmarks to use, so check out the screenshot below.

5. Alamo Sea

At the westernmost part of the Alamo Sea, you’ll find the plant near huge stone blocks with several long metal bars. This location is near the mouth of the river; a little bit to the south of it, to be more precise.

6. Zancudo River

At the confluence of Zancudo river into the Alamo Sea. There’s a small, dirt road that makes a loop there. Inside the loop, there’s a small patch of lavender-looking plants, and the peyote is in that patch.

7. Grand Senora Desert

Look for the old house in Grand Senora Desert. The cactus is hidden in the front yard, in an orange pot next to the stairs, just near the porch.

8. Grand Senora Desert Cactus location

In front of an abandoned mine in Grand Senora Desert. It’s south of the Alamo Sea. Once again, the place is in the middle of nowhere, so take a look at the pic below for easier orientation.

9. Sandy Shores

In front of the middle mobile home, the big white one, you’ll see an abandoned sofa in the left corner. Look for the cactus between the bushes that are next to the sofa.

10. Davis Quartz

The Davis Quartz area is in the southern part of San Chianski Mountain Range. When you reach the quarry, look for the huge metal pipes and the yellow power generator. Near the generator, you’ll find one of those big, portable lights that you see in construction sites. The peyote is next to that light.

11. Ron Alternates Wind Farm

In the eastern part of Grand Senora Desert, you’ll find the Wind Farm. There are a lot of huge bushes, but what you’re looking for are two big trees next to each other. The peyote is very near that pair of trees.

12. Grand Senora Desert

In Grand Senora Desert, look for an old farm with a windmill and feed bin. In the corner of the backyard, you will see two piles of used, old, damaged tires and a peyote next to them.

13. Tataviam Mountains

In the Tataviam Mountains, look for the large silo and the red, rusted tank next to it, near the train tracks. Walk a little bit to the south from the tank, and you’ll find the peyote.

14. Pacific Ocean

Go to the location depicted in the image below, and you’ll find some rocks sticking out of the water. The cactus is at the base of one of those rocks, deep underwater.

15. Pacific Ocean

Also in the Pacific Ocean, you’ll have to look for a round, shellfish-like thing at the bottom of the water. Again, I refer you to the image below for easier orientation. The peyote is next to that… thing.

16. Pacific Ocean

For the third time, we’re going to the bottom of the ocean. There are no points of orientation here, not even weird-looking sea creatures, but trust us, the peyote is there.

17. Mount Gordo Lake

It was very hard to find this peyote in the Mount Gordo area. Follow a rocky mountain road until you reach the east side of the small island. You will find the plant near a small lake.

18. Mount Gordo

On the highway when you reach the sign Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash, Paleto Bay, go up the hill toward train tracks.

19. Pacific Ocean

In order to collect any underwater plants, buy the Scuba outfit in one of the clothing stores (costs 150,000-160,000) or a rebreather in one of the ammunition stores (those are 5000 each). A rebreather lasts 1 minute underwater, and you can have 20. You’ll this plant find near the shore of the North Pacific ocean.

20. Mount Gordo

In the northern part of Mount Gordo, look for two wooden benches. The plant is near a huge boulder nearby.

21. Mount Chiliad

Follow the rocky mountain road until you reach the mountain top and the gondola house. Look for several wooden road signs with West Ridge Trail, Paleto Point and Braddock Pass written on them. On the ground between the signs, you’ll find the peyote cactus and turn into a land animal.

22. Pacific Ocean

Another Peyote in the north Pacific Ocean. At the sandy bottom of the ocean, when you see the tall seaweeds and green and purple corals, look for a starfish, and your peyote will be in the vicinity.

23. Pacific Ocean

In the north Pacific Ocean, between the small islands, look for the huge, beautiful purple corals. The peyote plant is in the small clearing between them.

24. Mount Chiliad

On the north side of Mount Chiliad, look for a place with huge greenhouses. Just look across the road from Paleto Bay. You’ll see a huge transmission tower just across the street and a tree next to it. The peyote is near the train tracks.

25. Paleto Bay

In Paleto Bay, the northwest area of Mount Chiliad, look for a house near the South Seas Apartments street sign. You’ll find the peyote in a pot next to a table with a white canopy parasol and some very tall cacti.

26. Paleto Forest

At the very end of a small peninsula in Paleto Forest. It’s the only thing on said location, so it’s fairly easy to find once you get there.

27. Paleto Cove

In the ocean, not so close to the shore, you’ll see a lot of seaweeds and one tall, purple coral with the peyote next to it.

28. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

On the west shore, near the bridge, you’ll find the peyote among some red flowers. You’ll have to look for this one pretty carefully.

29. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

Use a helicopter or a motorbike for this one. You’ll need them in order to reach one of the peaks of Chiliad Mountain and find the peyote that lies there.

30. Mount Josiah

Use a helicopter to reach the top of Mount Josiah, where you’ll spot cactus. The peak is relatively barren, so it’s not hard to spot the peyote.

31. Pacific Ocean – West

The story is similar to all the other underwater, oceanic peyote locations. You’ll need a diving suit or rebreather in order to dive to the bottom of the ocean and find the cactus.

32. Lago Zancudo

In the southwest corner of the peninsula pictured below, look for the peyote at the very tip of the sand.

33. Pacific Ocean – West

In the murky depths near the bridge and the river mouth, look for a large rock formation. You’ll find a small, sunken boat there. The peyote is “near the bow of the boat (its “front,” is you will).

34. Lago Zancudo

This peyote plant is inside a large, shallow puddle at the southern river bank, near the metal bridge. That puddle is technically a part of the river, but you get the idea.

35. Lago Zancudo

To the south of the previous location, look for the small road that forks into two dead ends. The peyote is on that dirt road, before the fork.

36. Banham Canyon

In Bahnam Canyon, look for the single-floor house on top of the canyon. You’ll find the peyote inside a pot, next to some large succulents. If the pot doesn’t spawn, try walking around and coming back.

37. Pacific Ocean – West

This location is relatively close to the coastline. There’s a lot of very tall seaweeds, and some purple corals and other sea creatures. That’s where the plant is.

38. Banham Canyon

One of the Bahnam Canyon mansions has a large, round pool in the back yard. Next to the pool, there’s a small area containing a single tree and a table. Look for the plant pot on the ground next to the table to find the peyote.

39. Pacific Ocean – West

This peyote location is really difficult to see, since it’s on the ocean floor, surrounded by all manner of sea life. I recommend using the screenshot below to find it more easily.

40. Richman

In the northwestern part of Richman, look for a house with a pool near the baseball stadium. There are a bunch of flowers planted next to said pool, and the peyote is among them.

41. Vinewood Hills

Go behind the house that has three huge palm trees in the front. Keep your eyes peeled on the bushes next to the hedges, because that’s where the peyote will be.

42. Vinewood Hills

One of the mansions in Vinewood Hills has a polygonal pool. Look at the small patch of grass next to the red-and-yellow parasol. That’s where the potted peyote lies.

43. Vinewood Hills

Drive over to the top of the hill that’s across the peak with the radio tower. On this barren patch of land, you’ll find another cactus.

44. Tataviam Mountains

There’s a lake in the Tataviam Mountains, and your goal is to go to the north of the lake. Not the northernmost point, but more to the northeast. The peyote is between some large rocks.

45. Tataviam Mountains

In the Tataviam Mountains area, there’s a huge, stone arch going into the sea. Dive into the water below the arch, and you’ll find the peyote on the ocean floor.

46. Pacific Ocean – East

When you dive down at the location we’ve shown below, you’ll come across a wreckage of a freighter. The peyote cactus is near a large container.

47. and 48. Pacific Ocean – East

The first peyote is at the base of a large stone arch. The second one is further south, on the beach, between two big boulders.

49. Pacific Ocean – South-East

This cactus is, once again, at the bottom of the ocean, at the base of a large, sharp rock. This is near one of the mid-sized islets.

50. Pacific Ocean – South Shore

On the southeast shore, look for a cluster of boulders. The peyote is at the “base” of the big ole bunch of rocks.

51. Elysian Island

Once again, you’ll have to plumb the briny depths of the ocean. There’s no convenient landmark to really help me illustrate this location, so consult the image below.

52. Terminal

This time around, I do have a somewhat-helpful landmark, or sea-mark, to use. At the location we’ve shown below, there are two poles sticking out of the ocean floor. The cactus is right next to them.

53. Pacific Ocean – South

Dive into the water and keep going south from the sunken ship until you reach a rock formation on your left. The peyote is near the base of said formation.

54. Banning

And yet again, down in the disgusting city waters we go. The cactus you’re looking for is on the ocean floor, as always.

55. Los Santos International Airport

Next to the six picnic tables, there’s a large palm tree. The peyote plant is right where the palm tree meets the ground.

56. La Puerta

It was impossible to see this peyote. Just look for a colorful coral reef, and you’ll hear a specific sound when you can eat a peyote.

57. and 58. Pacific Ocean – Southwest

The first location is to the southwest of the pier, deep in the water. The second is to the northeast of the pier, at the base of a small rock formation.

59. Pacific Bluffs

Use the spiral yellow staircase and go to the first floor. As soon as you get off the stairs, you’ll have potted plant in front of you. Next to that plant, there’s another pot with the peyote in it.

60. Del Perro

Go to the small, rectangular pool and look among the red plants that are next to it. That’s where you’ll find the peyote cactus.

61. Rockford Hills

Next to yet another small, rectangular pool, there’s a side building. Look for the plant pot on the ground between the two, small archways.

62. Downtown Vinewood

On the lovely, yellow, wooden patio, you’ll find two tan outdoor sofas. The peyote is in a pot between them.

63. Downtown Vinewood

In Downtown Vinewood, on the street, across from the huge number 0702, you’ll find a potted peyote. It’s literally in the middle of the street.

64. East Vinewood

There’s a large tree in the corner of the soccer field. The peyote plant is in among the tree’s big roots.

65. Mirror Park

Across the green bridge, on the islet, there are three bushes. Look for the cactus right next to the bush on the left.

66. Murrieta Heights

Look for a small red box next to the overpass. You’ll find the peyote between three bushes of succulent plants.

67. El Burro Heights

Approach the yellow front door of the green house. The potted peyote is in the corner next to the door.

68. Cypress Flats

This peyote cactus is really hard to see, because the water is muddy and dark, and there’s nothing eye-catching to use for orientation. Fortunately, those screenshots below are there to help you.

69. La Mesa

Below the overpass, there are several large containers. The peyote is next to one of them.

70. Legion Square

This cactus is next to the street, next to a pillar at the entrance to the underpass.

71. Burton

In Burton, north of Downtown, just across the Arcadius building, you’ll find a small field. Look for the cactus in front of the buildings, between two rocks.

72. Little Seoul

Go to the church in Little Seoul, and head to the back entrance. You’ll spot the magic plant right there, in front of the door.

73. La Puerta

Look for this peyote cactus between the bushes behind the huge sign for The Viceroy Hotels & Resorts in La Puerta.

74. Chamberlain Hills

This peyote is on the small mound between the two streetlights in front of the B.J. Smith Recreational Center sign.

75. Davis – Roy Lowenstein BLVD

Across the Auto Parts store and to the right, you’ll see the plant pot next to the door of one of the houses.

76. Franklin’s old house – South Los Santos

This special peyote can be found in the back yard of Franklin’s old house. Once you eat it you’ll transform into Chop the Rottweiler. If you can’t remember where to find the house, just head towards South Los Santos.

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